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A holistic approach to exploring the autistic journey 

I understand what it is like to live in a world that does not always make sense. Sensory issues, difficulties connecting in meaningful ways, feeling misunderstood and burnout are all common to the autistic experience. My practice focuses on helping you understand how autism impacts your life, both past and present. 


I combine Internal Family Systems and Polyvagal Theory to create a safe and welcoming environment where you can learn about who you are and how to have the life you want. I guide you through the compassion-based model of IFS to help you explore your inner emotional world, allowing you to better understand yourself and others. You will learn how to respond with an open and curious heart, rather than react. 


I teach you the skills to use in your daily life to soothe and regulate your nervous system, understand the beauty of your neurology, heal from past experiences and live a life compatible with who you are.


New Podcast Episode

During this episode, I share a little about the path I traveled to diagnosis, and how as an IFS practitioner I am helping other neurodivergent individuals and neurodiverse couples as they move forward on their own unique journeys. I also address the importance of understanding your "sensory profile" and how gathering that information can help partners understand which senses are "over" or "under" responsive and how to address each. I explain how autistic individuals process from the "bottom up' and others process from the "top down". Understanding the way in which you and your partner process the world, can help you both find the "hot spots" in your relationship and work on addressing them with compassion and grace.

New Monthly Support Groups

I run monthly drop-in groups to support late-diagnosed autistic clients. Limited to 8 people, groups are a way to connect with others who can understand your experience. Within the group we use the IFS process to notice and name parts that might have been burdened during your life, creating safety and understanding for their experience. No prior experience with IFS is necessary. Group A meets on the last Tuesday of the month at 3.00pm New York time. Group B meets on the last Friday of each month at 10.00am New York time. Groups run for 2 hours, are open to all, and cost $50. 


Please contact me for more information -

"Sarah has a unique perspective and presence! Her presentations are resonant and moving, 

and her delivery is both professional and engaging"


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