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Sensory Profile

Completing a sensory profile can help you understand how autism impacts your life. Click on the image below to download the PDF version.

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2022 IFS Conference Presentation

I am proud to be featured on the Internal Family Systems YouTube channel. Click below to watch my presentation from the 2022 Annual Conference

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In this podcast I talk about how important it is to shift the narratives we have around autism and neurodiversity. After I began to understand my own sensory profile, some of the challenges I had experienced began to make more sense. I provide ideas about how each partner can discuss their sensory needs in a way that increases intimacy


Autism Screening Tests

Embrace Autism is a phenomenal site containing all kinds of information. Click below to go to their testing page.

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The Autistic Self

This is a piece I was asked to write for Part & Self, the online journal for the Foundation for Self Leadership, the research arm of the IFS Institute.

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