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Yellow Cosmos Blossom

Individual Work

I use Internal Family Systems to gently guide clients through their emotional systems and create a map of who they are. I work with autistic and non-autistic individuals to help you safely explore the parts of you that might be impacting your life and relationships. As an autistic, I have a deep understanding of the difference between neurology and parts, and can help you identify the source of dysregulation, whether sensory or emotional.

Couples Work

I work with couples to help teach you skills to increase communication and intimacy to help you thrive in your relationship. Being in a mixed-neurology couple can be particular challenging. I can help you navigate the challenges to relationships and intimacy that autism can bring. This often includes communication, sexual issues, and feeling seen.


I offer consulting to clinicians working with clients on the spectrum and to those looking to improve their IFS skills. Learning the presentations of autism and the ways it can impact therapy will help deepen your relationship with your client, providing a much-needed space for authentic connection. Autistic clients have a unique set of experiences that arise from living life in the liminal space created by a neurotypical majority. 

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